Saturday, May 26, 2012

I am registered for the 2013 Cleveland Marathon

My first marathon as a biped came in 1998. It was the Cleveland Marathon. It was all I could think of while I trained. 14 years later I am registered for the same marathon as a handcycle athlete. I am very excited to take part in my cities athletic rite of spring once again.

My training has been solid. I have been out on a daily basis, steadily increasing my distance and speed. I am slimming down a lot and feel more athletic. I really enjoy my bike after 5+ weeks of regular workouts.

Next Sunday is the Twinsburg Du. I will be making my debut with these new wheels and improved health. You can sponsor my race with the race for a reason link on the side bar....Thanks

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Since receiving my handcylce I have ridden every day except for one. That day I was out of town for a Folk Alliance one day conferance. My ambition as an athlete seems to have come back with a new hunger. The sport is new to me. Basics are still in play. Mental and physical endurance seems to be key. As I build on these two things, my strength is returning. My overall life focus is enjoying the benifit of endurance traing.
One downside to my increase in fitness is that while on the bike I am getting stronger and can travel great distances on my own power, once off I am again slowed by my disability. My lack of coordination, balance, leg strength, basic mobility become somewhat magnified in contrast to the way I am able to live while on the bike. It makes me think sometimes that my life would be more enjoyed with a wheelchair.
Ultimately though I am commited to struggle. I am committed to pushing beyond the comforts available to me. The key to me being able to use my legs is to use them. To choose a wheel chair at this point would be a choice to give up on myself. This would be counteractive to the choice to be active. This choice has been made more available, thanks to a very kind gift from CAF.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Race for a Reason

Almost two weeks since I received my handcycle from the Challenged Athlete Foundation. I have only missed one day on my new ride. Two workouts were on the trainer, but all the rest have taken me outdoors. This is the real treat. Being able to extend my boundries and exploring old running routes is such an amazing gift. Looking up through the trees and past the clouds, I am reminded of this big beautiful ball that we live on. Pushing up hills and digging deep to reach the top gives me so much joy. The thrill of cresting a hill before picking up speeds over 30 miles per hour gives me a rush I have not known since my injury. All of this has been made possible by a grant. My life as an athlete has been reborn, and my gratitude is endless.

CAF has invited me to help others realize the same freedom, fitness joy offered through adaptive sporting equipment. Race for a Reason is a charitable program they have set up to raise funds to continue their cause.  I have set up a page where you can sponsor my race(Twinsburg Du) and make a donation to this great organization.
Please follow this link Race for a Reason .
Thank you!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


The change has begun. I still need to shed many pounds, but I can already feel my arms getting stronger. I have worked out daily since I received the handcycle. I am now going up hills with a little more grace. I have developed an obsession with my workouts. I am always eager to get out and ride. I have put it on the trainer when the weather sucked or I was limited to a shorter time.

I feel myself becoming an athlete once again. It is a way of being that commands what I wear, time management, diet, sleep, rest, and most importantly activity.

The benefits of daily workouts seem limitless. My mind, body, spirit are enjoying a celebration of life once again. My awareness of what is right with my body is now challenging my obsession with what is wrong with it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Twinsburg Du

I am registered for my first race with the Handcycle. The race is June 3rd. I am part of a two man team that will include Brandon(Bbop) Henneman. My part of the race is a 10 mile ride. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Life Changing events.

There is no doubt that my Spinal Cord Injury has changed my life dramatically.  Lost is my ability to walk easily, run, bike, work many of the jobs available to me.  Due to this injury fitness options were limited. I was dependent on  pool availability and transportation. Going for a walk hurt so much, that it was not enjoyable. My inability to wander to the park on my own left me longing for a way to get out on nice days and to really enjoy them.

This handcycle has also changed my life dramatically.  Since its arrival, I have used it daily. I have traveled all over my old running routes. Rode alone. I have ridden with a friend. Nice weather, bad weather, and  a little on the trainer. The handcycle has given me so much. I am so grateful to CAF for my grant award.